Hemp for victory began in 2014 as a creative solution to re-design the face and re-educate the public about the commonly misunderstood Cannabis hemp crop as a whole.

A project founded by Artist, Activist, Entrepreneur, Graedon Parker - our vision is to empower and educate all people on earth to freely grow hemp/cannabis in their back yard by 2022.

We work towards:

Creating awareness of the many uses of hemp through providing online resources for education and instruction on the cultivation, harvesting and application of hemp in NZ & worldwide.

Connecting local hemp farmers with a volunteer workforce to help with the growth, harvest, processing, application and sale of hemp/Cannabis.

Connecting farmers and consumers with viable seeds, consumeable hemp products, and providing a platform for hemp businesses in NZ and around the world.

Driving positive change in government regulations, environmental action groups, promoting the use of hemp/Cannabis as a food, for environmental regeneration, as a fuel source, clothing and fibre, medicine, carbon negative homes, freedom and prosperity.

Our vision is to empower all people on earth to freely grow hemp/cannabis on their own land by 2022.
Hemp For Victory Founder -  Graedon Parker

Hemp For Victory Founder - Graedon Parker


Hemp Seed Milk.

As a collective, we believe that with the strength of community and conscious enterprise, we can create massive social and ecologically conscious change, leading the world towards a more resilent and regenerative future, starting right here in New Zealand.

With the exponential rates of people shifting to a more plant based and conscious lifestyle, the dairy industry is suffering. This means that dairy alternatives such as nut milks, rice milks, and hemp milk will become an important commodity.

If you would like to join us in this mission by helping out, and even donating to the cause, please join up to our email database, so that we can continue to build a conscious community of hemp focused kaitiaki.

You can also check out our Hemp Activist Toolkit for downloadable Posters, Graphics and anything else you might need to light a fire in your neighbourhood.

"I wake up in the morning on my hemp mattress, munch away on my hemp breakfast, brush my teeth with my hemp toothbrush, throw on my hemp clothes, jump into my hemp car, drive away from my hemp house, and over to the hemp fields."


There are over 10,000 uses for hemp; food, fuel, fibre, clothing, textiles, homes, plastic, and building material.

Hemp For Victory is a creative project founded in 2014 by Artist, Plant-Based Lifestyle and Hemp Activist
- Graedon Parker.